About us


We are a civil society organization that promotes a culture of inclusion for people with disabilities in academic and social work.


To be a third sector organization with recognition on the issue of inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of society.


Respect and Inclusion

Considering that human rights are inalienable, it is vital that we promote in society, through dialogue, the information to consider that people must have the RESPECT and INCLUSION as a relationship requirement , since they will enable the construction of a world in which all They have their place and it is recognized. This means for us to work in partnership with people with disabilities in their process of empowerment and development at all levels.

Honesty as a pillar of Transparency

The congruence between what is intended and what is done to achieve that, must be guided by honesty. If we are honest with society, nothing stops us in claiming reciprocity from it. Co-responsibility for the construction of a better society from the third sector is an issue on the democratic agenda and accountability, whatever it may be, will mark every practice of our organization.


It is a group of citizens with a strong commitment to a society whose main virtue is the inclusion of all its members, without, absolutely, no distinction. The foundation of this premise is that the dignity of people is non-negotiable and is the foundation of any relationship and agreement that is established and understanding that without it a human world is not possible.

Our approach to the universe of people with disabilities leads us to be one of them, from where we walk along with them, upholding human rights and recognizing in them their condition, as much as we recognize ours, as a work flag for a world without exclusions. This is how we are absolutely convinced that people with disabilities have the potential to walk towards self-determination, that is, they are capable of developing self-management skills and for this they must have the necessary conditions and a social environment that opens their paradigms towards this New scenario

It is then that our organization will work from and with them to promote the defense of their rights, from education and awareness, since it is not possible to conceive a democracy with citizens marginalized from their social rights and the exercise of them in search of a inclusive society

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